he new reference for R134a air conditioning service units

The fully-automatic unit for servicing air conditioning units in cars and commercial vehicles with R134a refrigerant.
Compatible with hybrid A/C systems meeting European standards, ensuring correct and environmentally-friendly
handling of refrigerant.

  • 99% recovery rate (Deep Recovery)
  • Dual-stage vacuum pump 170 l/min
  • PAG/POE oil injection

Advantages at a glance

  • Design-for-service for the easiest and most effective ACS internal maintenance
  • Deep Recovery function allows full empting of the MAC system
  • Innovative oil bottle system suitable for vehicles with combustion engines and hybrid vehicles (PAG/POE)
  • Developed based on customer experience using ACS units, resulting in a product with the perfect balance between robustness and manoeuvrability

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AC1X34-5i, AC1234-5i, AC1234-5iP, AC1x34-5iP, AC1234-5i Ri