The MS 670 is a tyre changer for high volume workshops and offers all features and user benefits with maximum comfort to perform the perfect and effortless tire changing. Equipped with center post clamping system for a faster and easier locking system can handle large wheel sizes max 15” and wheel diameter up to 1.200 mm without using any kind of spacers thanks to the NEW helper device equipped with double horizontal arms. The G-Frame structure of the MS 670 provides a stable and functional design increasing the rigidity of the tire changer and the Ergo Control hand bead breaking system with the Side Lift NG allows the user to work always in ergonomic position and safety condition. The integrated inverter solution offers a proportional electronic control of the turntable speed. Additionally the TLL leverless system offers the perfect bead extraction which leads to a faster and easier demounting process.

  • 30″ center post tire changer
  • G-Frame rigidity
  • Simple and reliable
  • Side Lift NG
  • Tire leverless system
  • Ergo Control
  • Helper Device

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