ARTIGLIO MASTER CODE continues in its constant evolution, faithful to the corporate mission of continuous innovation in products and technologies. The new developments are designed to optimally meet the needs of wheel service specialists and anticipate the changing needs of the market. This is obviously possible thanks to the significant experience acquired by those who invented the tyre changer and to the numerous partnerships with rim and tyre manufacturers right from the design and testing phase of new technologies applied to the wheel.

MASTER CODE now has 4 automated work cycles to make procedures increasingly fast, simple and absolutely safe for integrity of the rim and the tyre. The objective of these new and improved automatisms is to increase performance and efficiency with all wheel types and to reduce the use of that increasingly precious commodity – time. The computerised Touch Screen system guides the operator through all procedures and suggests the best possible solution to any problem encountered.

MASTER CODE is compatible with all tyre types, from Run Flat-UHP tyres to both small and large balloon tyres. With these features, together with the indispensable and exclusive demounting system, the Smart Corghi System, the MASTER CODE rewrites the DNA of tyre changer systems, confirming once again its inventors as the only people capable of driving the continuous evolution of the industry.

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